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If you are experiencing difficulties with digital storage media, be it Hard drive, USB or Camera Media or other similar equipment. For immediate HELP phone us.....

Our Mission is to provide a cost effective NO FIX - NO FEE data recovery solution and as quickly as possible.

Data Recovery Services UK has been recovering data since 1986. We have full hardware and software facilities and more than 34 years experience of low level disk operations which include Firmware and Service Area module re-coding. This means we can access disks which, for most IT staff, are inaccessible / dead.

Our programming facilities allow bespoke solutions to new problems so we are not dependant on third party software. Our success rate is in excess of 83% for hardware faults and greater than 94% for software problems.

Q.) Why is this web site so basic?

A.) The intention is to only communicate contact information. Most of our work comes through word of mouth/recommendation. Primarily this is just the basic contact information to allow you to give us a call and discuss your specific problem.


Contact Information

Phone 07711 685831 (see note below)


Please note: Closed at the moment will re-open soon

Data Recovery Services UK


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